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How to Protect Plants From Frost - Garden Myths

It is that time of year again – cold and frost are coming to the north (I live in zone 5). Think about your poor plants – they will get cold – you must do something about this immediately – right??

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Make gardening easy with plants & garden supplies from White Flower Farm. Browse garden accessories and transform your outdoor space into an oasis.

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Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

Xeric Plants - the crowning glory of your xeriscaping garden

Using really well adapted xeric plants can mean the difference between a garden that struggles when the dog days of summer hit, or requires a major renovation each spring as plants die from cold temperatures.

Zone 5 Rock Gardens – Suitable Rock Garden Plants For Zone 5 ...

Cold region gardens can pose real challenges to the landscaper. Rock gardens offer unmatched dimension, texture, drainage and diverse exposure. Growing rock gardens in zone 5 begins with carefully chosen plants, and this article can help.

Rock Garden Plant Selection Guide: Sun Plants, Zone 5

In a well-planned rock garden, the rocks and the plants work together, elevating the impact of both. Discover the best rock garden plants for full sun.

Molasses for Plants - Garden Myths

Should you add molasses to your garden and compost pile? Does it feed the microbes and is it necessary? Is it good for yo0ur plants?

Soil test interpretations and fertilizer management for lawns ...

Soil test interpretations and fertilizer management for lawns, turf, gardens and landscape plants. Carl J. Rosen, Peter M. Bierman and Roger D. Eliason

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Between a Rock and a Hardiness Place - Learn2Grow

When you see "Zones 3-7" on a plant tag, what does it mean? This is the "hardiness zone," developed by Harvard's Arnold Arboretum in Massachusetts and the USDA, who put together guidelines to give gardeners an idea of how well their plants would survive the winter cold.

Deer Resistant Plants, Trees, Plants and Flowers that Deer ...

Deer are selective feeders, so often plants that would normally become fodder can be used in your garden if there is a more tempting morsel nearby.

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Rock pools are rocky pools by the sea.They are in the intertidal zone.They are filled with seawater during high tide, and exist as separate pools at low tide.. Tide pools are habitats of uniquely adaptable animals that have engaged the special attention of naturalists and marine biologists.

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